See below for list of publications sorted on the type of venue where the work has been published. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Journal papers

[2024] Transformers and Meta-Tokenization in Sentiment Analysis for Software EngineeringN. Cassee, A. Agaronian, E. Constantinou, N. Novielli, A. Serebrenik
Published at EMSE. Paper.

[2022] Opinion Mining for Software Development: A Systematic Literature ReviewB. Lin, N. Cassee, A. Serebrenik, G. Bavota, N. Novielli, M. Lanza
Published at TOSEM. Paper.

[2022] Self-Admitted Technical Debt and Comments' Polarity: An Empirical StudyN. Cassee, F. Zampetti, N. Novielli, A. Serebrenik, M. Penta
Published at EMSE. Paper.

Conference papers

[2024] Sentiment of Technical Debt Security Questions on Stack Overflow: A Replication StudyJ. Jansen, N. Cassee, A. Serebrenik
Published at SANER, RENE Track. Paper.

[2023] Autonomy Is An Acquired Taste: Exploring Developer Preferences for GitHub BotsA. Ghorbani, N. Cassee, D. Robinson, A. Alami, N. Ernst, A. Serebrenik, A. Wasowski
Published at ICSE. Paper.

[2022] Sentiment in Software Engineering: Detection and ApplicationN. Cassee
Published at ESEC/FSE, Doctoral Symposium. Paper.

[2022] Between JIRA and GitHub: ASFBot and its Influence on Human Comments in Issue TrackersA. Moharil, D. Orlov, S. Jameel, T. Trouwen, N. Cassee, A. Serebrenik
Published at MSR, Mining Challenge. Paper.

[2021] Human, Bot or Both? A study on the capabilities of classification models on mixed accountsN. Cassee, C. Kitsanelis, E. Constantinou, A. Serebrenik
Published at ICSME, NIER Track. Paper.

[2021] Waiting around or job half-done? Sentiment in Self-Admitted Technical DebtG. Fucci, N. Cassee, N. Novielli, F. Zampetti, A. Serebrenik, M. Penta
Published at MSR 2021. Paper.

[2020] The Silent Helper: The Impact of Continuous Integration on Code ReviewsN. Cassee, B. Vasilescu, A. Serebrenik
Published at SANER. Paper.

[2018] How Swift developers handle errorsN. Cassee, G. Pinto, F. Castor, A. Serebrenik
Published at MSR. Paper.

Workshop papers

[2017] On the scalability of the gpuexplore explicit-state model checkerN. Cassee, T. Neele, A. Wijs
Published at Graphs as Models. Paper.

[2017] Analysing the performance of GPU hash tables for state space explorationN. Cassee, A. Wijs
Published at Graphs as Models. Paper.