I’m very grateful to have received the following recognition for my work:

[2024] University Teaching Qualification (UTQ)

A qualification recognized by all Dutch universities indicating my didactic competency as a teacher in academic education.

[2023] SIESTA'23 Summer School Speakers' Choice Presentation Award

Awarded for a presentation introducing myself and my thesis proposal.

[2022] Excellent Course Evaluation 2IMP40 2022/2023

Because the course 'Empirical Methods in Software Engineering' taught by Alexander Serebrenik and me received excellent course evaluations the Program Management awarded us with a 'Pluim'.

[2019] VERSEN Master Thesis award, first place

For my master thesis, on the influence of Continuous Integration on Code reviews I received the first place at the annual VERSEN master thesis award competition. VERSEN is a community for Software Engineering research in the Netherlands. The work presented in the Master thesis has also been accepted at SANER 2020 and can be found here.