Hiya, I’m Nathan, a PhD-TA student at the Software Engineering and Technology group of the Eindhoven University of Technology, under the supervision of Alexander Serebrenik. My research interest is human aspects of Software Engineering, and currently I’m focusing on how emotions, are expressed by open source software developers and how the expression of emotions influences Software Development.

However, I’ve also studied bots, code reviews and continuous integration, error handling by Apple Swift developers, and GPU-accelerated model checking. For a complete overview of my work please check out the list of publications.


In 2015 I received my bachelors in Software Engineering from Fontys University of Applied Science, after which I enrolled in a pre-master and master in Computer Science and Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. In May of 2019 I received my masters Cum Laude (the thesis has been awarded first place at the VERSEN master thesis awards, see awards) and in October 2019 I started my PhD-TA at TU/e.

During my masters I’ve worked part-time as a DevOps engineer at Spendlab Technology. While there I’ve worked on implementing a big-data system that can efficiently process and analyze large amounts of payment data.